The Restoration of Judah in Prophecy


The Restoration of Judah in Prophecy
James Scott Trimm

The concept of the Two House message was an important message for the world and it generated a good deal of excitement, but it was not the last stage of restoration. The Two House message had to do with the grafting in of “wild branches” (Ephraimites) into the cultivated olive tree (Judah).

Now Romans 11 does discuss this stage of the restoration, but it also tells us that an even more powerful stage will involve Judah being grafted back into its own olive tree:

And if their stumbling became riches for the world, and their loss, riches to the Goyim: how much more therefore, their fullness?
(Rom. 11:12 HRV)

For if their reprobation was reconciliation to the world, how much more therefore, their return, but life that is from among the dead?
(Rom. 11:15 HRV)

23 And those, if they do not remain in their lack of trust, also will be grafted in: for Eloah is able to graft them in again.
24 For if you, who are from the olive [tree] that was wild by your nature, were cut off and were grafted–contrary to your nature–into the good olive [tree], how much more then, those, if they be grafted in their natural olive [tree]?
(Rom. 11:23-24 HRV)

Paul says here: You think the restoration of Ephraim is great, wait until you see the restoration of Judah!

That is what the WNAE is about, not just the grafting in of Ephraim (although that is part of it) but the restoration of Judah, the restoration of the ancient sect of Nazarene Judaism!

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