Enoch and Torah Observance

Some scholars have argued that the Book of Enoch reflects a form of Judaism that was not Torah based. They argue this because they claim that the Book of Enoch seems to neglect the Torah. Quite to the contrary Enoch states:

108:1 Another book which Enoch wrote for his son Methuselah
and for those who will come after him,
and observe the Torah in the last days.

Throughout Charles’ translation of Ethiopic Enoch the term “lawlessness” appears.  The Greek word that appears in the Greek text of 1Enoch for lawlessness is ANOMOS.  ANOMOS is a Greek word made up of the Greek prefix “A-” (meaning “there is not” or “without”) added to the Greek word for “Torah” “NOMOS”. Thus
ANOMOS means “Torah-lessness” as I have rendered the Greek ANOMOS and its equivelant Ethiopic throughout this translation. A major theme of 1Enoch is the spread of Torah-lessness in the last days and the Torah observant ones of the last days.


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