The Message of the Book of Enoch


The Book of Enoch is especially given for the benefit of those
believers in the last days who are Torah Observant:

The words of the blessing with which Enoch
blessed the chosen and righteous,
who will be living in the day of tribulation,
when all the wicked and godless are to be removed.
(1Enoch 1:1)

Another book which Enoch wrote for his son Methuselah
and for those who will come after him,
and observe the Torah in the last days.
(1Enoch 108:1)


Yeshua warned that the last days would be like the days of Noach (Mt.
24:37-38 – HRV) And this is a major theme of the Book of Enoch.
Enoch forewarns of the coming judgement of the flood, and parallels
this with the judgement of the last days. The Book of Enoch even
prophecies that in the last days:

“women shall become pregnant and abort their babies
and cast them out from their midst”
(1En. 99:5).

The Book of Enoch tells of how 200 fallen angels led by Shemikhazah
and Azazel “saw and lusted after” human females and copulated with
them producing a race of giants (1Enoch 6) and taught mankind
secrets such as sorcery, the making of weapons (1Enoch 7-8) and how
to perform an abortion (1En. 69:12). YHWH’s judgement finally
comes. Shemikhazah and “all his associates” are bound fast “for
seventy generations” until “the judgement that is forever is
consummated” (1En. 9:11-12) (compare Y’hudah 1:6 & 2Kefa 2:2-10).
The giants are killed by the flood but their spirits remain on earth
as evil spirits (1En. 15:8-12). In the last days the fallen angels
will return again (1Enoch 56:5).

Now if one counts the generations from Enoch to Yeshua one finds
there were sixty-nine generations (Luke 3:23-37). So the seventy
generations ended one generation after the life of Yeshua. This
brings us to an interesting statement made by the Nazarene writer
Hegesippus around 185 C.E. as he recounted the beginning of the

Up to that period the Assembly had remained like a virgin
pure and uncorrupted: for, if there were any persons who
were disposed to tamper with the wholesome rule of the
proclaiming of salvation, they still lurked in some dark
place of concealment or other. But, when the sacred band of
Emissaries had in various ways closed their lives, and that
generation of men to whom it had been vouchsafed to listen to the
godlike Wisdom with their own ears had passed away, then did the
confederacy of godless error take its rise through the treachery
of false teachers, who, seeing that none of the emissaries any
longer survived, at length attempted with bare and uplifted
head to oppose the proclaiming of the truth by proclaiming
“knowledge falsely so called.”
(Hegessippus; Memoirs)

The generation which followed the life of Yeshua and his emissaries
was the generation in which Shemikhazah and his associates were to be
released. And this was the very generation in which false teachers
began with bare and uplifted head to oppose the proclaiming of the
truth, the very generation in which the apostasy began.

The long night of the apostasy is ending. The Book of Enoch is again
coming to light that it may be a cause of joy and uprightness and
much wisdom to those who observe the Torah in the last days. The
culmination of all things is at hand.


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