Are We Messianic Jews?


Are we Messianic Jews?… Yes and No.

It could be said that all Jews are “Messianic Jews” in that belief in the concept of Messiah is one of Rambam’s thirteen principles of Jewish Faith.  Moreover those Chabadniks who believe Rebbe Schneerson was the Messiah are also called “Messianic Jews”.  On the other hand, the term “Messianic Judaism” is unbibliblical and problematic.  The Messianic Jewish movement was originally created by Christians as a Christian effort to convert Jews to Christianity, as the mainline of Messianic Judaism sees itself as one with Christianity.

Is the term “Messianic Judaism” Biblical?

Origins of “Messianic Judaism”

Three Differences Between Messianic Judaism and Nazarene Judaism

One Faith, Two Expression Theology

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