Our Practices (Halacha)


As Nazarenes we are non-selectively Torah Observant.   As a rule our official Halachah is determined by the International Nazarene Beit Din.  The following articles are far from an exhaustive treatment of our halacha.

The Tithe of YHWH

Which Day is the Sabbath?

What’s Prohibited on Sabbath

What’s Permitted on Sabbath

Did Yeshua Declare All Foods Clean?

Did Yeshua say “Call no Man Rabbi?”

Monogamy: Ideal Union of Male and Female

Submissive Wives and Women Teachers

The Feast of Yeshua (Chag Yeshua)

Three Reasons to Celebrate Channukah

Channukah: Why Do We Add a Light for Eight Nights?

When is a Month added to the Year?

Why Shavuot is Always on a Sunday

Circumcision: Token of the Covenant

Nazarenes and the Sacred Name

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