Paul and the Zohar on Grace and Works

Paul and the Zohar on Grace and Works
James Scott Trimm


Is man judged by his works or by grace [CHESED]?  Is Elohim unjust in judging a man by his works?  How do we resolve passages form the Tanak which tell us that Elohim judges each man according to his works?

You might find it interesting that Paul and the Zohar address these same questions, and give very similar answers:


5 But because of the hardness of your heart that does not repent, you lay up for yourself a treasure of wrath: for the day of wrath, and for the revelation of the righteous judgment of Eloah,6 Who recompenses to everyone, according to his works. (Psalm 62:13 (12); Prov. 24:12)

7 To those who in the patience of good works, seek glory, and honor, and immortality: He gives to them, eternal life.

8 But [to] those who resist, and do not obey the truth, but obey iniquity: He will recompense wrath, and fury,…

5 … Is Eloah unrighteous who brings to pass His wrath? I speak as a son of man.

6 Absolutely not! If so, how will Eloah judge the world?…

23 Because all have sinned, and are found lacking of the glory of Eloah.

24 And they are justified by favor (CHESED) freely, and by the salvation that is in Yeshua the Messiah…

(Romans 2:5-8; 3:5-6, 23-24)

R. Hiya discoursed on the text: Therefore hearken unto me, ye men of understanding: Far be it from Elohim that he should do wickedness; and from the Almighty that he should commit iniquity. For the work of man will he requite unto him, and cause every man to find according to his ways (Job 34:10-11). ‘Elohim,’ he said, ‘in creating the world, meant it to be based on justice, and all that is done in the world would be weighed in the scales of justice, were it not that, to save the world from perishing, Elohim screened it with mercy [CHESED], which tempers pure justice and prevents it from destroying the world. The world is thus governed in mercy [CHESED] and thereby is able to endure.(Zohar 1:180b)

Paul and the Zohar are singing the same song, both are teaching CHEDED-ISM.


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