Yeshua Taught Chabad Before Chabad


Yeshua Taught Chabad Before Chabad
James Scott Trimm

Yeshua said:

“He who seeks will not cease till he finds,
and having found he will be amazed,
and having been amazed he will reign,
and having reigned he will rest.”
-Yeshua the Messiah
(The Gospel according to the Hebrews 7:9)

(The Gospel according to the Hebrews is a lost apocryphal Gospel once used by the ancient sect of the Nazarenes.)

How are we to understand “He who seeks”?

By this we are to understand he who seeks the wisdom of the Torah, for seeking is wisdom.

And how are we to understand “having found”? 

The one who finds is he who understands the Torah, for having sought the wisdom of Torah he finds understanding of Torah.

And how are we to understand “having been amazed”? 

The amazement is in the knowledge of Torah, for seeking the wisdom of Torah and finding the understanding of Torah one is amazed through the knowledge of Torah.

And how are we to understand “having reigned”?

By this we are to understand the faith that comes from knowledge for he reigns over his evil inclination through this faith.

And how are we to understand “rest”? 

By this we are to understand the joy that is brought forth in our hearts through faith when we rule over our evil inclination.

This is the very same progression which is taught in the Tanya.  (The Tanya is a book written by the first Rebbe of the Chabad movement, laying out an intellectual basis for Hasidic Judaism.)  Yeshua was teaching Tanya centuries before the Tanya was even written.


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