How We Understand the Scriptures

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The fourth century “Church Father” Jerome said:

“The Jews insist upon a literal interpretation
of the Scripture based on thirteen rules,
but we know that the spiritual interpretation
is far superior.”

Nazarene Judaism is based upon applying Jewish rules of interpretation and understanding to the Hebrew and Aramaic texts of the Ketuvim Netzarim (the so-called “New Testament” rather than applying Greek philosophy and methods of interpretation to a Greek text.

These Jewish Rules of Interpretation include:

About Hermeneutics

The Four Levels of Understanding known as PaRDeS.

The Seven Rules of Hillel

The Thirteen Rules of Ishmael

The Thirty Two Rules of Eliezer

The Pesher Method

Forms of Midrashic Exegesis

Types of Hebrew Poetry

Objectivity and Logic

Other Objective Rules of Hermeneutics

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